Finally! A Post!

 i only had the chance to make one new thing since i got home for break. and im leaving tomorrow so this is the only thing. 
well here it is!

It's made a a soft flannel-y material. The bows are all hand sewn on. There is a hidden zipper on the side, detachable waist ties, and all that jazz. It's an alright dress. It looks fine as long as theres a cardigan on top.

Also, I'm putting up my feedback page so it isn't a pain to look for all the time. Thar it is!


I have made an epic petticoat because I was feeling stupid wearing like 2 at once. It has a soft cotton underskirt, then 2 layers of super sturdy netting, then finally a layer of ruffles organza.August-14_1330.jpg
It is massive

Here is what it does to a skirt.

and I used that skirt for a reason because I made....
MATCHING ACCESSORIES!!!  The 3 in the back are rings, the left two are charms, and the right two are going to be hairclips.
                                                  GREAT SUCCESS!!!


I didnt have much to do today.....

So I decided i was going to make a crapload of bows. They're all high quality with with handstitched center.
The pearls are handsewn on(it was a pain in the ass). Second one down is my favorite(I made it to match a BTSSB skirt)



This one I made for  lolita friend of mind.

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Frilly Things!

 I made a pair of long bloomers for winter when  wear longer more classic style dresses, but i ended up using them as PJ's. Go figure...

I used a cute crochet lace for the trim. Nice and simple.

and these  I made primarily to spite my boyfriend (he hates bloomers). But I think they're cute none the less.

Ruffled satin trim, light summer cotton for hot weather!

And this is just for fun!

I've been busy

Cutsew and more.

 So I had this pale blue polo, and a few feet of extra lace, and a few hours to spare, so I made this adorable cutsew.

and a closeup

also I made some white wristcuffs, but this time I used a lovely tulle lace instead of organza trim.



 I don't know why I've never made them before, but it was too easy. I had some leftover trim, and I sewed some elastic to it, slapped on a bow, a voila!

They look super cute on

I made several different sets of bow to attach so i can coordinate with dIfferent outfits.

Mint X Pink

And Pink X Deep pink

I might make other pairs in white or black, just in case Pink doesn't looks right. pink could ever be wrong.

New phone cases!

 I finally got around to deco'ing the cases i got for the new EnV3. I did a sweets deco, and also a victorian inspired one.

This is the sweet one (obviously) its done with a satin bow, acrylic cystals, glitter-resin stars, puff-stickers, and an enamel cupcake I salvaged from a broken earring. Total working time...I'd say about 45 minutes.

This is the rococo themed one. The black gems didn't photograph well at all. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a better pic. Anyway, this is done with acrylic gems, and plastic cabochons that came in a pack labeled 'Victorian Miniatures'  whatever that means. Total working time, about an half an hour.

deco and stuff

 well I decided that I'm going to start posting other thinks I do like decoden, nail art, and jewelry and stuff.

 This is like my favorite thing ever. It took about 3 hours and 400 rhinestones, but I deco'd the cover to my scientific calculator.

And the next one is just  compact I did because the pack of assorted rhinestones I got had a lot of reds.

This project led me to the conclusion that I really need some flatback pearls because I used round ones and they keep falling off.

Minty Goodness

 This was once a jumperskirt but it looked to horrible I just ripped of the skirt part and added a waistband. This one actually has a half elastic waistband and a bowknot in the back. It's even lined! I feel so proud of myself.  I really love this skirt. I can't wait to wear it.

After this I cant wait to make more mint stuff!